Manufacturing Engineers and Custom Components

We are a leading manufacturer of custom metal and plastic components in Perth, Western Australia.

With over 25 years of experience, dependable customer service and quality products, Adarsh Australia is the preferred manufacturer in Perth, Western Australia.

Casting & Forging

Investment casting or lost wax casting process

Adarsh Australia delivers the full spectrum of forging and casting processes such as metal forging, die casting, sand casting and investment casting (lost-wax casting and lost-foam casting).


Steel and aluminium fabrication services

We have the capability to fabricate stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium and other metals.

We work with sheet metal, welding fabrication and laser cutting.

Wire Cutting

EDM wire cutting sample of custom steel component

Wire cutting is a type of EDM that allows us to produce complex three-dimensional shapes while focusing on precision.

Wire cutting allows us to work metals too hard for other processes.

PG Watson CNC Machning specialist in Perth, WA

CNC Machining

Multi axis CNC Machining services

PG Watson is our very own specialised CNC machining division here at Adarsh Australia.

We pride ourselves on our precision, quality and CNC machining capabilities.

Afarian Plastics Perth, plastics manufacturing specialists

Plastics Manufacturing

Custom plastic part moulding and manufacturing

Afaridan Plastics is our very own custom plastic parts manufacturing division. We are plastic moulding and extrusion specialists.

We work with a large variety of plastic types and industries.

FNF Mining core sample trays manufacturing

Core Sample Trays

Core sample trays for mining and drilling

We supply custom core sample storage trays to the mining, drilling & exploration industries.

Our core sample trays are designed to safely store delicate core samples for transport.

We are an Australian owned and operated business providing manufacturing, engineering and machining services to all industries. We focus on exceptional product quality, customer collaboration and competitive pricing to ensure that our customers achieve all their project goals.

Independent quality assurance team thoroughly check through all your items to make sure that they are exactly as you intended it to be. In addition, our knowledge and experience of our manufacturing processes will ensure reliability, accuracy and quick turnaround times for your manufacturing, fabrication and machining requirements.


Collaborate with our engineering and management teams for your sourcing, production and logistical requirements. Let us help you streamline your manufacturing process to minimise your costs without compromising quality.

Our quality assurance team is independent from our management and production staff. This ensures that the quality of your products are always looked after.

Our strategic network of engineering, sourcing, manufacturing and logistical platforms are all Australian owned and managed. This allows us to offer competitive prices and production familiarity to our customers throughout Australia.



Coordinating through our Australian and overseas facilities allows us to streamline manufacturing and sourcing, thus minimising costs and reducing turnover times.