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CNC turning is a manufacturing process that uses a cutting tool to precisely remove material from stock material. CNC turning is one form of subtractive manufacturing.
As with CNC milling, CNC turning can be used for a number of different manufacturing roles. However, CNC turning is best used when working with cylindrical or conical surfaces. As an example, CNC turning is very cost-effective for custom hollow tubing and shafts.
CNC turning is only one aspect of CNC machining, another being CNC milling. CNC turning removes material by rotating the material, allowing the cutting tool to form the desired shape. Meanwhile, CNC milling does the opposite, spinning the cutting tool to remove material.


CNC turning is also continuous cutting, where the cutting tool is always in contact with the material. The material is held in place by a chuck, which then rotates at varying speeds depending on what is needed for each part.
To understand which manufacturing method is right for your project, contact our CNC turning experts today!

CNC turning advantages
CNC lathe with material



CNC turning and CNC milling both offer similar advantages, including:

  • Very high precision compared to many other manufacturing methods. CNC turning is ideal for high accuracy and tight tolerances.

  • CNC turning is fast, efficient, and repeatable.

  • Doesn’t require the same levels of tooling compared to casting and forging.

  • Amazing surface finish on parts.

  • A very large range of materials can be used with CNC turning including plastics and metals.

Contact us to find out more about our CNC turning service or to get started with your project today!


Our CNC turning capabilities include expertise turning a huge variety of materials including many forms of plastics, metals and alloys. Acetal, nylon, aluminium, and steel are most common. However, PEEK, PTFE, brass, copper and many more materials are also available.

The significant size of Adarsh Australia gives us superior buying power for materials and tooling. Our stock strategy and relationships with supplier's result in low prices and a quick turnaround for most orders.

We can even hold and manage inventories of stocks of your manufactured parts. Ask us about supplying parts on a reoccurring basis.

Okuma multus u4000 CNC machine



Our Perth machine shop offers a large range of CNC turning services using our extensive range of machines:

  • Okuma Multus U4000 Series 5-axis lathe

  • Okuma LB 2000 EX II

  • 2x Okuma LB 3000 EX II

  • Okuma LB 4000 EX II

  • Okuma LB 270 II

  • Mazak 30M

  • Mori Seiki NL2500

  • As well as a huge range of mills, milling centres, and other machine shop equipment.

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