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Adarsh Australia designs and manufactures a wide range of custom components and finished products. Through our wide range of services, we can deliver any type of metalwork, including aluminium fabrication, carbon steel fabrication and stainless steel fabrication to suit your project. We have experience in a whole range of projects from large industrial projects that require high standards and functionality to large metal art design pieces.

As a long-established supplier with a highly skilled team, we supply metal fabrication services to the resource, food and beverage, chemical, medical, automotive, construction and engineering companies around Australia and globally.  We take pride in our efficiency, streamlining the whole process to limit costs and achieve faster turnover rates through our expert engineering team and state-of-the-art machinery.

We can fabricate what you need easily and cost-effectively working from your CAD files, drawings, plans, sketches, prototypes or samples. We’ll start by providing you with professional advice and a competitive pricing estimate and realistic production time frame. We are the metal fabrication experts here in Perth with over 25 years of experience behind us!

Whether you need a small custom job or high-volume production run, you can trust us to meet your specifications. Stringent quality control measures ensure we achieve the most exacting tolerances and industry standards every time.​


Adarsh Australia has provided metal fabrication services to numerous high profile clients in a whole range of industries.


These projects include the fabrication of large chemical and fluid storage tanks, support structures such as railings and platforms, rotary fan propellers and housing, heavy piping components and vehicle components for earthworks and mining industries. In addition, we have  fabricated stainless steel and aluminium food grade and hospital grade items.

This is all possible as our modern factory is equipped for all of the following metal fabrication services, allowing us to work with stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium and other metals/alloys:

  • Laser cutting

  • Turret punching/ sheet punching

  • Guillotining

  • Drilling

  • Cutting

  • Cropping

  • Welding fabrication services (MIG & TIG welding)

  • Plate rolling

  • Pipe bending

  • Sectional rolling

  • Stainless steel fabrication 

  • Aluminium fabrication

welding metal
metal truss


As well as fabricating the products you need, we can also help you with the design process! Our team are experts in all modern design technologies and have advanced engineering and manufacturing knowledge.

You can ask us to provide any degree of assistance in the design stage, whether it’s developing an existing concept, creating a new design from scratch or anything in between.

We have a collaborative approach, and consistently provide an efficient service while being painstaking about detail. Our aim is to ensure your design enables flawless, economical production of a product that works perfectly. 


Recent products we have designed and fabricated for our clients include:

  • Steel & aluminium trusses, ladders and stairs

  • RH170 excavator lift jib

  • Skip Bins/Rubbish bins/Compartment bins

  • Silos, chutes, hoppers and tanks

By using a combination of metal fabrication methods to create the final product, we can achieve superior designs with a faster turn-over time.


We offer welding and fabrication services for your metal fabrication project and have the capability to weld aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel. Our welders are skilled in TIG and MIG welding, and have produced a large variety of items for our clients including:

  • Construction machinery parts

  • Structural steel such as beams and columns

  • Aluminium safety platforms, ladders and railings

  • Medical grade and food grade tanks and silos.

To learn more about our welding and fabrication services, click here.

welding metal pipe
sheet metal


We offer many different processes to fabricate sheet and plate metals, including stainless steel and aluminium sheets and plates. These include laser cutting, CNC cutting, bending, turret punching, rolling and perforation of sheet metal. Examples of products we create with sheet metal include:

  • Oil, water and fluid storage tanks

  • Fabricated machine guards

  • Support structures, screens, panels, grills and planks

  • Barrels, containers and bins

  • Pipes, ducts and housings

Click here to learn more about our sheet and plate metal fabrication capabilities!



At Adarsh Australia, we have the capability to bend steel and aluminium profiles for our client's metal fabrication projects. Some examples of where we utilise our profile bending machines are in:

  • Safety access platforms and maintenance platforms

  • Stainless steel arches

  • Structural supports

  • Piping systems

To learn more about our pipe and section bending services and capabilities, click here.

bent pipe and sections


At Adarsh Australia, we use a transparent and collaborative approach to each of our fabrication projects, helping us to efficiently and effectively work with our clients. Whether you are a small entrepreneur or a large company with a dedicated design team seeking our fabrication services, we promise to offer the same quality service and support to all our valued customers. Our approach has been developed over time through our 25 years of customer service with the aim to serve our customers in the best way that we can and to continue to grow our reputation in a positive manner.

We are Perth's metal fabrication leaders in terms of quality, price and customer service. By working with us, you will have access to our engineering team's expertise and recommendations, high quality manufacturing processes and the capabilities of our Perth and overseas workshops. This means that you can receive assistance throughout any stage of your project while being confident with the value and quality of the finished product!

welded hexagonal part

Quality Is Our Passion

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