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Also known as simultaneous or full machining, 5 axis CNC machining attacks the piece from all directions. This allows for highly complex parts to be created with extreme precision and great efficiency.
5 axis CNC machining involves utilising the three linear axes, X, Y and Z, as well as two rotary axes, B and C. This means that the part or machine can move and rotate is every dimension, allowing for increased capabilities and decreased set up times.

Reach out to our team to learn more how 5 axis machining can benefit your project.

5 axis CNC machining
5 axis cnc machining advantage


5 axis machining enables a multitude of capabilities that 3 axis machining can not deliver:

  • The ability to produce complex shapes that would otherwise not be possible with 3 axis machining.

  • The ability to drill holes at unique angles not just right angles.

  • The ability to reduce the number of set ups needed to machine complex parts.

  • Improved surface finish and accuracy compared to 3 axis machining.



Our 5 axis CNC machining capabilities include expertise machining a huge variety of materials including many forms of plastics, metals and alloys. Acetal, nylon, aluminium, and steel are most commonly used, but PEEK, PTFE, brass, copper and many more are also available.

The significant size of Adarsh Australia gives us superior buying power for materials and tooling. Our stock strategy and relationships with supplier's result in low prices and a quick turnaround for most orders.

We can even hold and manage inventories of stocks of your manufactured parts. Ask us about supplying parts on a reoccurring basis.

cnc machining parts
5 axis CNC machining Okuma MULTUS U4000



At Adarsh, we provide high quality 5 axis CNC machining services using our state-of-the-art machines.

Our Okuma Multus U4000 Series 5-axis lathe receives most of the attention from guests but our other machines are also very capable.

Combined with our range of standard CNC milling and CNC turning capabilities, we're confident our machine shop can deliver excellent results for your project. 

To get started, contact our engineering and manufacturing team today.

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