Pipe and section bending is a metal fabrication process used to bend straight profiles. The desired length of tubing stock is fed into a bending machine set to the appropriate specifications to achieve the desired curve. These machines are capable of bending a piece of tubing anywhere from a slight curve to a coil!


Common applications include forming elbows and arches in profiles. Bent profiles are commonly used as support structures in a design or as handrails on access platforms. Smooth, bent pipes are also commonly used in custom piping systems.



Adarsh Australia provides a comprehensive list of pipe, section and mandrel bending services for our customers. We can accurately bend and roll profiles such as:

  • Standard I-beams

  • Circular pipes

  • Solid rounds

  • Square and rectangular hollow sections

  • Square and rectangular solids

  • Angled sections (toe-in/out, heel in/out)

  • Channels and rail sections

  • Flat bars

We also have extensive experience rolling and bending steel or aluminium sections using a variety of methods to ensure that the final product meets your specifications.

Pipe and section bending is used to create seamless support structures such as the arches on a bridge, hand rails and guard rails. Pipeline systems can also benefit greatly from the gradual change in direction in pipe bending parts to minimise wear.


With over 25 years in the metal fabrication industry, Adarsh Australia has been providing its bending services to the following industries:

  • Automotive

  • Construction

  • Electronics

  • Energy

  • Machinery

  • Marine

  • Medical

  • Mining

  • Oil, Gas, Petroleum

  • Metal art

Recent projects involving metal profile bending include:

  • Safety access platforms and maintenance platforms

  • Stainless steel structural arches

  • Hospital grade furniture

  • Food grade furniture

  • Pipework and pipe supports

  • Metal art and architectural designs

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