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What is Investment Casting?

Investment casting (otherwise known as lost wax casting) is where a disposable wax replica or ‘wax pattern’ is formed from an injection moulding tool. Investment casting and manufacturing has been a core competence of Adarsh Australia for years, resulting in our superior product quality.


Investment casting is usually one of the more expensive casting methods as it allows us to incorporate far more intricate designs that are generally not possible with other methods. This advantage over other manufacturing methods usually justifies any extra costs and is why investment casting remains a preferred method for items where the details are a key feature.


With our knowledge and experience on the subject, Adarsh Australia will work with you to provide the highest quality components while remaining within your budget.

investment casting
investment cast piece

Investment Casting Advantages

  • Investment casting can produce items with very complex shapes and designs as the mould does not have to be separated - it is broken off.

  • Extremely thin walled designs and tight tolerances can be achieved using an investment casting process.

  • Parts of the investment casting process can be automated for large scale production.

  • Low cost tooling! Adarsh Australia produces their tools in-house to reduce tooling costs and ensure tool quality and durability.

Adarsh Australia has all the capabilities to assist you through your investment casting project.


Contact us to get started right away!

Investment Casting Process

We have developed the following illustration to describe our investment casting process to our customers:

Detailed investement casting or lost-wax casting process

Metals Used in Investment Casting


Adarsh Australia can cast practically any metal or metal alloy including ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts to suit our customers’ needs. Materials commonly used for investment casting include:


  • Stainless Steel

  • Steel

  • Aluminum

  • Nickel and Cobalt Alloy

Parts manufactured in Adarsh Australia by investment casting are usually small, but we have been able to reproduce similar, high quality results in larger parts!

If you are unsure of which material will suit your application best don’t hesitate to contact one of our metal casting experts over the phone or at our Perth office!

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