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strong metal gears for short and long runs
High Quality Turnaround



Adarsh Australia is a WA owned and operated manufacturer, fabricator and importer of component parts. We have a dedicated, core team of engineering and manufacturing staff and are geared for short to long runs. Rely on us for very fast turn-around manufacturing at high quality and discover how we are the local price leaders.

Most of all, ask our customers. They tell us the reason they keep coming back is due to our reliable service!








We’re a mid-sized manufacturer established over 25 years ago with a wealth of experience. As we are larger and more experienced than most of our Western Australian competitors, we can handle a larger capacity and are very responsive to our customers. However, we’re smaller than the national and global firms, so you can still expect quality service from our staff who will be more than happy to work with you.

Machined part

Quality is our passion

Local and International Supply Chain Partners

Our group of companies in Australia and overseas allows us to streamline our material sourcing and manufacturing processes to your advantage!

We can locally manufacture or source materials and products from any of our facilities to suit your manufacturing requirements with complete oversight and quality control processes conducted in Australia. We are manufacturers and importers: we can manufacture, import or mix and match the two to suit your needs and requirements.

In addition, our overseas facilities are subject to the same quality control procedures and standards as those in our Australian facilities to ensure that product quality is not compromised.

We can source the best materials for your project or, alternatively, you can supply your own.

metal grid
metal cylinders

Strategic Platforms

Our platforms for engineering, sourcing, manufacturing and logistics allow us to provide competitive cost expertise and production familiarity to customers throughout Australia.

Adarsh Australia is managed by engineers experienced in product development, process selection and material sourcing. We bring the competitive advantage of well-engineered, economically produced parts and components into the hands of our customers from our Malaga production facility and logistics hub.

Quality Control

Our qualified and experienced quality control officers:

  • Checks the first item off the line in every operation

  • Conducts random in-progress checks throughout production

  • Completes a final inspection of the completed order before dispatch

The quality control officer is a dedicated, full-time position. Quality control is made independent of the owners, other management and the production staff. If the quality control officer rejects a component or part, there is no management override.

You can be sure your interests are being looked after (So are ours; we value our reputation as our prime business asset).

Our quality control procedures will also include certification of raw materials where required.

measuring a metal part
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